"I'm inspired! I immediately connected to the purpose-driven theme. As a marketing/advertising industry entrepreneur and early adopter of what I term "Affinity and Relationship" marketing, Profit with Purpose reaffirms my passion for connecting brands with their consumers in a meaningful, long lasting way.  I imagined Teneshia having a Jerry McGuire moment after he wrote his infamous Mission Statement when she announced to her family and friends that she was leaving her "secure/stable" job at IBM to pursue her passion in New York City.  What she intuitively knew was that her instincts to combine her passion with her work were right.  Profit with Purpose eloquently proves her instincts further by siting several examples of industry thought leaders, organizations and agencies who have successfully incorporated purpose-driven marketing into the fiber of their own individual brands and corporate culture.

Teneshia has written a Multicultural Marketing Manifesto that can be beneficial to anyone developing his or her personal or "Fortune Infinity" brand.  Teneshia’s insight into servant-style leadership being the essential underpinning to the success of accomplished marketers is refreshing and is a great lesson for students of the industry of all ages."

Adrianne C. Smith /CEO/Managing Partner/ AdHere Network / Former Executive Director Center for Excellence in Advertising at Howard University

"Teneshia knows that there is a misperception between increased wealth and increased well being. So she has chosen to passionately advocate for a new kind of personal wealth-that is to encourage executives to work with "purpose”."

Andrea Hoffman / Founder & CEO / Diversity Affluence

“Can a business book also be a personal memoir? Teneshia Jackson Warner's Profit with Purpose: A Marketer's Guide to Deliver Purpose-Driven Campaigns to Multicultural Audiences, is both a blueprint for a brand to succeed with multicultural consumers as well as an inspiration for multicultural marketing executives themselves (and those that want to be one!).”

Lisa Skriloff / President / Multicultural Marketing Resources, Inc.  

“This book delivers! It is destined to become a classic read like 7 Habits, Good to Great, Think and Grow Rich, and Outliers.  If you are interested in connecting with the multicultural market, you will have to add Profit with Purpose to your library and strategy.

Based on the work I have done at Odyssey Media, a marketing and communication company that matches corporations with our audience of influential and affluent multicultural women, I see the value of this book. Teneshia (last name)'s book, Profit With Purpose is definitely a marketer's guide to delivering meaningful campaigns to multicultural audiences. 

The demographics and psychographics of consumers are shifting, as well as the description of the new majority. Companies and marketers must shift their thinking to include the best way to connect with these consumers with purpose.  Reading this book and applying Teneshia's approach will give you not just a clear map but also a competitive edge that you can leverage into profits for your bottom line - understanding and serving your customers which allows and enhances loyalty, trust and marketshare.  

I recommend you read and reread this book. Gift it to your employees, your board, your associates. It will not only educate them on strategies that lead to success but also on what matters most.   This book inspires us all to create brands and consumer relationships that get it right.”

Cheryl Walker-Robertson / Executive Vice President / Odyssey Media

“Thank you Teneshia Jackson Warner for these insights, gems and nuggets of brilliance. You have put your heart and soul into this important masterwork.

I was not only informed and inspired, but empowered by your impressive research, and elegant prose. You have the answers and they are timely and needed in this growing world of multiculturalism. All those charged with marketing responsibility to diverse audiences will benefit greatly from your work. Thank you so much for this powerful gift to the marketing world.”

George C. Fraser / Chairman & CEO of FraserNet, Inc. / Author of Success Runs In Our Race; The Complete Guide to Effective Networking in the African American Community & Race For Success; The Ten Best Business Opportunities for Blacks In America

"What a great read! As the founder of The CMO Club I know that the multicultural audience is important to CMO's and this book is great as it provides exactly what CMO's need...smart, strategic multicultural marketing solutions that create brand engagement, brand loyalty and brand ambassadors. I encourage all marketing executives to read this book, they will be much more informed about ways to engage the multicultural audience once they do".

Pete Krainik / Founder and CEO / The CMO Club

“As an entrepreneur this book spoke to me in a very real way. I look to partner with companies that "have a soul" as Teneshia put it. I was so inspired that this point of view was finally put in book form. This is a must read for any business looking to authentically connect with their clients.”

Brandice Henderson / CEO & Founder / Harlem’s Fashion Row

“Teneshia has written a book which is a true blueprint for anyone trying to create a successful marketing campaign. I truly believe that the information in this book can also help people to find their true purpose and with these tools you can achieve your true potential. Teneshia's story is an example of a dream realized thru hard work and persistence. I highly recommend Profit With Purpose to anyone who is determined to live their best life.”

Reneé Matthews M.D., founder and CEO Ask Dr. Renee and MEGA LLC

"Profit with Purpose speaks to a core value that mirrors ADCOLOR's mission "As You Rise Up, Reach Back"

The intention is to profit with, not profit from, the communities and clients you serve. This book will teach you how to connect a meaningful purpose to your marketing services and strategies. Kudos!"

Tiffany R. Warren / Senior VP, Chief Diversity Officer, Omnicom Group / President, ADCOLOR

Profit with Purpose is an in-depth and practical guide to help marketers “do well by doing good” for today’s emerging consumer groups. The book is a thoughtful blend of case studies, data, interesting anecdotes and distilled take-always that make it an engaging and valuable read.“

Heide Gardner / Director Senior Vice President -- Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer / Interpublic Group

“I am so much more informed and educated by this book.  It hits the core of purpose right where we all need it.  It informs, educates, excites and makes me want to change course with my Diversity & Inclusion work.  Thank you so much for your passion, which comes throughout the book, your drive and salesWOmanship!”

Sandra Sims-Williams / SVP, People Insights & Inclusion / Publicis Groupe - VivaKi

"If there's anything I've learned from Teneshia is that when passion and purpose meet, amazing things can happen for not only brands, but for people. Having worked on a number of these notable campaigns with T, I'm grateful for these experiences, her passion and all I learned from her along the way. Her southern charm, captivating smile and true grit realness are contagious, and it's this passion that has helped me bring a greater purpose to my work and life. Congratulations!"

Laura Hall / Managing Director / Global Consumer & Brand Marketing Practice / Burson-Marsteller

"Teneshia Warner's book: Profit with Purpose is an absolute 'must read' for all serious marketeers.

She has succeeded in distilling the essence of true Brand marketing into an insightful, enjoyable and very readable book. Open the book at any page and there is applicable wisdom. The examples of successful Profit with Purpose are varied and inspiring.

Teneshia Warner proves that there is equal sales pulling power in letting the consumer know not only WHAT you're doing, but WHY you're doing it. Motive and Mission.

I led the DOVE REAL BEAUTY team at Ogilvy for many, many years. I wish Profit with Purpose had been available when we launched Campaign For Real Beauty! Its guidance, insights and downright logic would have helped accelerate this iconic campaign to earlier and even greater success."

Mike Hemingway / Founder / CEO Brand Hunger / Former Worldwide Managing Director, Ogilvy & Mather

"Through her perspective, Ms. Warner has successfully sewn together a collection of anecdotes and case studies that reflect branding with purpose- a hallmark of the new economy and a guiding principle for the creativity and ideas that drive it."

Richie Cruz / Lifestyle Marketing Specialist / Pepsi-Cola North America Beverages

“Teneshia has managed to encapsulate in one book, through her keen business acumen, what many corporations have been challenged for years to develop and generate or integrate into their brand. Her chapter on selecting the right community partners for your brand is "spot on" and a great format for any business seeking to connect with their consumer from a cause-marketing standpoint and still resonate as authentic with their customers.  A Must Read!”

Iasha Rivers
/ Macy's Inc.
/ Director of External Affairs
and Corporate Communications

“The multicultural audience continues to be of importance to us and we have always wanted to add genuine value to this group. Profit With Purpose provides the insights, step-by-step tools and engaging case studies demonstrating how to connect with this audience in a purposeful way. We have enjoyed working with Egami and have benefitted from their smart strategic leadership and strong relationships within the multi-cultural world. We are delighted that others can now benefit from this same expertise by reading this book.”

Sandra Krut, CSW / Brand Director / BANFI Vinters -- Rosa Regale 

“Teneshia has provided a thoughtful and insightful guide for brands seeking engagement with multicultural audiences. Profit With Purpose vividly highlights how a brand can emotionally connect to the fast growing multicultural segment. In my role as a supplier diversity executive, I understand the importance of not only fostering meaningful relationships with multicultural communities, but also empowering them with economic opportunities and resources. This book provided me with invaluable contemporary knowledge as I continue to foster relationships with this key demographic.”

Karmetria Burton / Vice President, Supplier Diversity / Delta Airlines

“The message is clear in Teneshia Warner’s passionately written book: multicultural marketing campaigns ‘don’t mean a thing if they ain’t got that swing.’  And that swing, in this case, is purpose.  Through convincing case studies and extraordinary life experiences, Mrs. Warner connects the dots between profits and purpose. I give it six doo-wops.” 

Alonzo Byrd / Assistant Vice President
Public Affairs  / Enterprise Holdings

“Teneshia perfectly captures the power of brand purpose and this book reminds me of why I went into brand management. It really helped me understand the purpose of my brand in consumers lives, and how a meaningful purpose can drive business growth through multicultural audiences.” 

Tommy Hillman / General Mills / Brand Manager  / Box Tops For Education / Multicultural Marketing

“As a communications executive for Kiehl's Since 1851, I've seen first hand the power of a brand with a clear purpose, deeper than simply to profit. In Profit With Purpose, Teneshia has analyzed and provided clear direction for building a brand, campaigns and programming that serves a multicultural audience. Today's consumer toggles between many worlds and serving this new diversity takes the insight so thoughtfully shared in this book.”

Gracia Walker / AVP Global Communications / Kiehl's Since 1851

“If you buy only one book this year to help you go to the next level this is the one.  Michael & Teneshia are a dynamic duo whose unique insights are time tested and valuable in this time of transformational change. Their approach to business and civic life represents a blueprint for sustained success and our nation’s best hope for revitalization.”

Michael Jones-Bey / Director / Supplier Diversity / Consolidated Edison

“Profit with Purpose” demonstrates the new model for delivering sustainable brand growth...purpose-driven marketing… a must read for business leaders who are seeking to connect and win with all consumers, especially multicultural consumers.”

Najoh Tita-Reid / Global Strategy Realization & Capability Leader / Merck Consumer Care / Founding Brand Marketer of P&G’s My Black is Beautiful

“It's about time we celebrate the heroes behind hip-hop. Profit With Purpose offers a refreshing take on the positive cultural impact the entertainment industry can have in our community. Teneshia's message is loud and clear - we have a worldwide audience that is receptive to all our dreams have to offer. This is a must-read for entrepreneurs looking to see their brands flourish.”

Marve Frazier / Chief Creative Officer and CEO / MOGULDOM MEDIA GROUP / Bossip.com

"Finally! A sorely-needed guiding light to leverage the nuanced layers of marketing to multicultural audiences with practical business acumen."

Tracey M. Ferguson / Editor In Chief / Jones Magazine

“This book can be boiled down to one simple, yet unquestionably important word…Enrich.  You will no doubt notice this word throughout Teneshia's potent book.  Why?  Because Profit with Purpose is designed to help leaders understand that by consistently 'enriching' the lives of others--current and potential customers--you virtually guarantee that it is not only possible to do well by doing good, but that behaving in this manner it is in fact vital to any organization.”

Darryl Cobbin / Managing Partner / Diamond Diaspora Media -- Former Chief Marketing Officer Boost Mobile

“More than ever, the brands that are making a difference are the ones that are getting the money. Teneshia gives marketers and entrepreneurs invaluable advice on how to connect with multicultural audiences and create campaigns filled with purpose—the manna that today’s consumers are longing for.”

Ericka Boston / Senior Editor / Sister 2 Sister Magazine

Profit with Purpose is a timely book. It affirms the shift from a corporate-led society, in which the interests of big companies dictate the behavior of the people, to a society that is customer-led, wherein the customer's concerns for the empowerment and overall wellbeing of his/her community, including the natural environment of that community, dictate the behavior of corporations. It is filled with anecdotes that demonstrate how the embrace of this concern-driven "purpose" has enhanced the lives, and wealth, of visionary companies and celebrities alike, boldly suggesting a natural synergy between purpose-driven marketing and celebrities with a purpose. For marketers who are still grappling with the country's new realities, including the evolving reality of its ethnic map, this book provides wonderful inspiration for embracing these realities.”

Rosalind McLymont / Executive Editor / The Network Journal 

“This book is ground-breaking as it highlights the positive contributions that the Hip Hop industry had made and is making to support the very community that supports them. Profit With Purpose clearly demonstrates how brands can harness the influence of Hip Hop culture artists to enable them to add true value to their target audience and to increase meaningful conversions. I am delighted that Teneshia has taken proactive steps to provide what is essentially a 'manual' on how to connect with the multicultural audience."

L. Londell McMillan, Esq. / CEO & Chairman NorthStar Group / Publisher of The Source & Jones Magazines

"As inspiring as Teneshia's personal story of struggle and perseverance is, she also understands how to turn those experiences (and the knowledge gained) into profit with purpose. The tips provided in these pages realigns the skills of the most seasoned industry veterans and instructs the rookies of the game on how to move correctly for a prosperous career path. Life lessons with tough love notes attached."

Datwon Thomas / Executive Editor / VIBE Media

“Servicing the African- America community is what we are passionate about at BET, this is core to our philosophy. I am therefore delighted that there is a manual that shows how brands, entertainers and celebrities connect with the community in a way that adds true value and elevates the lives of African Americans. A book like this is relevant and well overdue and we congratulate Teneshia on being such a trailblazer and innovator.”

Mercedes Funderburk / Director of Talent / BET Networks

"Creating economies of scale: creating bridges from work to philanthropy:

I met Soledad Obrien while working at CNN. She was covering stories like Black in America and Latino in America. I was behind the scenes creating a business model to monetize those same stories to clients that wanted to reach multicultural audiences. We bonded over the work we do with her foundation the "Soledad O'Brien Brad Raymond" foundation. We are surrounding worthy young women with all the resources they need to be successful. Many times the same clients that are partnering with the Multicultural content on CNN support the mission of the foundation. This strategic alignment creates economies of scale in business and life. "when you do good, and it comes from a good place, you should get good from it!""

Michele Thornton / VP, TV ADsales / Centric

“Teneshia’s book takes a deep dive into individuals being "master of our fates"- by walking with purpose and in faith. By leading in example with her own walks of faith and purpose-in these chapters Teneshia gives inspiration to those who want to strive for their passion, walk in faith and stick to their purpose- in order to lead to not only a successful career-but to a well balanced, abundant life.”

Christina Hardy / Integrated Marketing / ESSENCE

“In today’s multicultural landscape, Marketers are challenged more than ever to maintain proper alignment of their brands among culturally relevant and trending extensions. From celebrity-endorsements to innovations in social media, Profit with Purpose is a powerful tool that educates, inspires and can ultimately drive measurable results for your brand.”

Rachel Strauss-Muñiz / Marketing & Promotions / People en Español

“I have always believed it was my responsibility to use my voice to uplift others.  Working with Teneshia and the EGAMI Team on campaigns that empower and inspire has been a rewarding endeavor and I'm delighted that she is now sharing her winning formula for brands to profit by being led with purpose.”

MC Lyte / Entertainer, Entrepreneur & the first African American President of the Los Angeles Chapter of the Recording Academy

"There is an incredible opportunity for brands to partner with celebrities to make a positive change in the world. I've been honored to work with Teneshia and the EGAMI Team for campaigns that make a profit and make a difference.  This book is required reading for anyone seeking this winning combination."  

Dr. Randal Pinkett, Chairman and CEO of BCT Partners, Winner of NBC's The Apprentice

"I'm a mom, a designer and a television personality. But I'm also an entrepreneur and philanthropist who believes that you can do well in business by doing well in the community. Teneshia's unique approach to cause marketing and ability to align messaging with brand personalities are best in class."

Kimora Lee Simmons / Designer, Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

"Hooray for Teneshia Jackson Warner’s powerful and inspirational new book, Profit with Purpose. Teneshia illustrates with in a well researched, informative, and thought out book what the wise people of the world have known--that serving others is way more fulfilling than being served. Her story and stories remind us that working with purpose and meaning and making a profit are not mutually exclusive." 

Sandra Guzmán, author of "The New Latina's Bible: The Modern Latina's Guide to Love, Spirituality, Family and La Vida."

"Profit with Purpose is a much needed analysis and strategic plan for any in the field of marketing and communications, and for those who aspire to enter these fields.  The book's major strength is that its ideas are written with clarity and humor and are universal and sound. The author should be saluted for her insights and candor.  This is a must read for communications students everywhere.”

Jannette L. Dates / Dean Emerita / Howard University & Minority Media & Telecom Council Hall of Fame Inductee

Profit with Purpose is an exhilarating, engaging and informative read. The award-winning cases studies that range from the campaigns undertaken by leading brands to the initiatives undertaken by top Hip Hop artists clearly show that engaging with the multicultural audience purposefully is possible in a variety of ways. What is also great about this book is the way in which we can personalize the tools and insights. This allows us as business executives to intertwine our professional calling with our personal purpose, and therefore upon completion of this book you feel inspired in multiple ways.”

Claudine Moore / Founder / C. Moore Media / International Public Relations

“It was truly an honor to support Teneshia's beautiful journey that lead to the creation of Profit with Purpose. I find the final manuscript a pure balance of sincerity, passion and insight. I am expressly proud of Teneshia and her commitment to excellence in presenting the opportunity to connect with multicultural audiences through Purpose and in doing so she has clearly established her own purpose. I can't wait for the next book!”

Michael C. Warner / Chief Operating Officer / Egami Consulting Group